Wednesday, August 31, 2011

little happies.

i am a firm believer in finding little things that bring joy
to you in and around your home. i know it may be silly, 
but here are a few of my favorite things to share. 

1. notebooks. so many little notebooks. 
most especially cute patterned ones
with graph paper inside. great for 
recipies, drawings, notes, to do lists, 
and so much more.

2. my white cracky bowl filled with fresh fruit 
and a new magazine thrown into the 
grocery cart last minute on occasion.

3. fresh flowers. everything about them.
buying them, seeing them hanging out of the cart, 
the process of cutting them and arranging them, 
and then enjoying their loveliness every time
 i walk by and see them on the table.

4. a big crazy tumbleweed soon to be covered in twinkle 
lights and turned into some sort of awesome
chandelier, which now is propped on the table, 
but still rocks.

5. hanging scraps of bright fabric against the white
bricks on my fireplace. who said mobiles are only 
for babies?  

6. and pictures of ballerinas in the lastest j.crew catalouge.
best idea yet, and i thought they had done them all. 

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