Thursday, October 4, 2012

feather headbands.

as i have mentioned before, lucy is always looking for a good craft to pass the time.
we found this online and she was obsessed.

i have to say i am a little jealous of the kind of seven year old lucy is.
i would have been way too self-concious to wear this feather headband as i played by myself in the yard, painting rocks and pretending to read old books.
might have something to do with not having an older sister who makes you feel like you are childish and silly (no hard feelings to my own sister, it was my own insecurity that made me feel this way), but i totally dig her independent, imaginative, carefree ways.  
some feathers, fabric, elastic, fake jewels and an old granola box and you are good to go. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


i'm really digging the navy nail polish.
might have to go pick some up this week.
{from cup of jo}

this happy little kitchen.
someday i'll get to design my own kitchen, right?
{from my ideal home}

the floor, that chair, the plants on the balcony...
just move me in now.
{from meine dinge}

this picture.
it makes me want to braid my hair
and take prettier pictures.
i do kind of want to stick her tag back in her shirt, though.
{from do my best}

if dot actually had a room,
perhaps i would consider painting dots on the wall.
but maybe not.
{via pinterest}

Monday, October 1, 2012

hello there, monday, my good friend.

it's amazing what a difference it makes when your baby has slept well over the weekend, your husband gets up and makes both lunches and breakfast for the kids, and it's not spirit week, so everyone knows exactly what they are wearing to school.  
hello, monday.
i am looking quite forward to you today.