Thursday, September 1, 2011

following suit

christine's list of little happies around her home made me
quite happy in turn, so i thought i would share some of 
the things making me smile these days.
it seems like a good exercise in appreciation, actually.
perhaps i should have my kids do it...

iced coffee in the afternoon.
you can usually find this around my house
and it always makes me happy.
especially, when i happen to have some 
whipped cream in the fridge...

a pile of fabric waiting to become something special.
not sure what yet, but i definitely need 
to figure out a use for these guys...

the fact that anthropologie never forgets my birthday.
this one might be a little silly,
but getting anything in the mail is instant happiness.
then something so simple and sweet.
do you think i should send them a thank you note?

paper and tape and twine.
always on hand to make a quick card or note
or a more festive to-do list.
just having these things on my desk is enough 
to make me smile, though.

a jar of sharpies.
i have a serious sharpie addiction.
seeing so many all in a jar oddly makes me
insanely happy.

handmade cards and notes.
few things around my house are as happy as these.
except for the cute little hands that made them...

1 comment:

  1. Love these from both of you! Reading your little blog makes me happy :)
    Love the mamas who make life more beautiful starting at home.