Tuesday, August 30, 2011


this grouping of brightly colored beaded necklaces.
so happy.

these gorgeous lampshades created
by an architect and an industrial designer.
{from design skool}

this paris city cutout. 
really want to put this one together 
with the kids. not sure if they would 
think it is as cool as i do.
{from made by joel}

this download for repurposing an old book/binder 
to become an amazing little compartmental sewing box
for all you little goods. pretty awesome. and the book
this idea comes out of look quite fabulous.
{from sfgirlbybay}

the dreamiest little trailer i have ever seen.
i think i would like to live in the scamp for an
entire summer.
and by a lake, if that's possible.

all the pictures from justin waldron.
between japan and ny, i'm guessing its safe to say
he's pretty cool.

this charming, simple little feather mobile.
there is something about it that i am drawn to...
can't say what, since birds and their feathers
usually really gross me out...

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