Wednesday, August 31, 2011

little happies.

i am a firm believer in finding little things that bring joy
to you in and around your home. i know it may be silly, 
but here are a few of my favorite things to share. 

1. notebooks. so many little notebooks. 
most especially cute patterned ones
with graph paper inside. great for 
recipies, drawings, notes, to do lists, 
and so much more.

2. my white cracky bowl filled with fresh fruit 
and a new magazine thrown into the 
grocery cart last minute on occasion.

3. fresh flowers. everything about them.
buying them, seeing them hanging out of the cart, 
the process of cutting them and arranging them, 
and then enjoying their loveliness every time
 i walk by and see them on the table.

4. a big crazy tumbleweed soon to be covered in twinkle 
lights and turned into some sort of awesome
chandelier, which now is propped on the table, 
but still rocks.

5. hanging scraps of bright fabric against the white
bricks on my fireplace. who said mobiles are only 
for babies?  

6. and pictures of ballerinas in the lastest j.crew catalouge.
best idea yet, and i thought they had done them all. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


this grouping of brightly colored beaded necklaces.
so happy.

these gorgeous lampshades created
by an architect and an industrial designer.
{from design skool}

this paris city cutout. 
really want to put this one together 
with the kids. not sure if they would 
think it is as cool as i do.
{from made by joel}

this download for repurposing an old book/binder 
to become an amazing little compartmental sewing box
for all you little goods. pretty awesome. and the book
this idea comes out of look quite fabulous.
{from sfgirlbybay}

the dreamiest little trailer i have ever seen.
i think i would like to live in the scamp for an
entire summer.
and by a lake, if that's possible.

all the pictures from justin waldron.
between japan and ny, i'm guessing its safe to say
he's pretty cool.

this charming, simple little feather mobile.
there is something about it that i am drawn to...
can't say what, since birds and their feathers
usually really gross me out...

Friday, August 26, 2011

wear something a little more colorful and a little more crazy than you might normally sport and plan an exciting date night.
make some clay beads and fancy necklaces.  {or just order some of these fantastic ones!}
do join pinterest if you haven't already.  it is so very fun.  {find christine here and me over here!}

Thursday, August 25, 2011


you should watch this very sweet, very touching, very creative little video...

these lovely people have an equally lovely blog you can read right here.

and you can read more about this touching story here.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"the messier the house....the better the blog."

do you ever read nyc taught me ?
i will just go ahead and live through her and her fun 
city life...going to moma with kids, playing in city water parks...
Ok. i guess i live that life on a small scale, 
but ever since having a taste of ny i will always long to be back.
do i ever miss you nyc.
oh, and the quote in the title? took that from her blog, 
as i found it quite hilarious. hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


these bright orangey red vintage chairs
would be such a touch of fun in my home.
i might just love color.

this funky black and white and yellow room.
so clean and cozy. 
how great is that wall!

this fab trail mix bar set up for favors. 
now thats a favor i would love to walk home with

this rustic cake stand tutorial 
has me excited for the christmas tree lot this year.
{from once wed}

this perfect summer picture.
and a perfect summer snack.

these amazing panoramic family pics.
go look at all of them.
{from holger thoss}

this little tiny cowboy.
can't explain why, i just am particularly fond of him.
and, of course, the terrarium he is in looks
pretty rad, too.
{from weegreenspot via poppytalk}

Monday, August 22, 2011


 as i have mentioned here before, i find the blog
the burning house to be absolutely fascinating.
they just recently did a piece for the anthropologist
highlighting several people separated by generation and 
what items are most valuable and or important to them.
i have to admit, when i read through the first one,
prized items from a 10 year old, 
i found it a little depressing...
(why do 10 year olds have laptops?)
are those really the most important things to her?
oh, well.  she's only a kid.  
i guess i would have wanted to bring my autographed poster
of saved by the bell when i was 10, so i'll give her time...
moving on.
i continued to be fascinated by the rest of the list.
some thoughtful, some odd.
some very sweet...

as i continued to read through them, i continued
to think about what i would bring?
could i keep my list down to a handful of items?
and still, i wonder, what would my kids choose?

then you come to the very last one, 
a ninety-one year old artist from new york.
and instead of a list is this...

I really went through a fire, 
and I was thinking
 there are lots of things I like a lot, 
but I'm not that attached that 
I couldn't be without them. You know?
The only good thing is that
you realize whatever you possess are THINGS. 
And so it's not easy to replace
 anything you've painted, but
—they are THINGS. You—alive! 
The best thing you have is your life, you see? 
Almost anything is replaceable, except your life. 
And that is what's important. –I.R.S.

oh, yes.  that's right.
just things.
how easy that is to forget.
but how nice to be reminded.

Friday, August 19, 2011

wear any of these cozy shirts from my new favorite kiddo store. i mean, buy one for the sweet fashionable little girlie in your life.
make a delicious blueberry tart and lemon whip cream while you can still score berries at your market. yum.
do try smocking something...a pillow, a wee dress, a pouch....I've just always wanted to give this a whirl. 
have a smashing weekend all. may it be ever so lovely!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

last minute happy.

i procrastinated our annual back-to-school dinner
this year and had to throw something together the day of.
i randomly decided on a camp-ish theme, mainly because
i wanted to do something with feathers...
not really sure why, just the whim of the moment.
so, i made this simple little mix of streamers 
and paper feathers to hang over our table.
i must say, it added that perfect little bit
of specialness to our evening.
and i really like when things feel special...

and for a super quick last minute
"campy" dessert, we made these
smores bars.
so easy, so good, so very bad for you...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

lovely lights.

how great are these mason jar lights? 
love the cluster and mix of colors.
would love to try this over a desk in my house.

cookies and coffee.

today feels like a good day for making 
iced coffee and rolling out some sugar cookies.
how sweet are these cloud cookies? 
find a recipe for the iced coffee here and sugar cookies here.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


these vintage bowls quite suit my fancy. 
too bad the blue one only is for sale. 
still love it.

funky wallpaper to spice up that special corner in your home.
{from kirathghundoo wallpaper via seesaw}

this shop window is perfectly appealing to me.

these rad cookies.
{from manjar via merry mishap}

a party in a barn.
i just want to have a party in a barn.
just once in my life.
is that too much to ask?

these jolly invites.
i love the idea of inviting people to "crash" a party
later in the evening.
so happy.
i shall use them for my barn party...

a little more color in my life.
i should take a hint from this happy home
to add a bit more color here and there 
throughout my home, i do believe...

Monday, August 15, 2011

skinny laminx.

just really diggin all the treasures to be found 
over at skinny laminx.
just all my favorite things...great colors, yardage, pillows, 
pencil cases, napkins and aprons. 
go check it out. good stuff.