Tuesday, August 16, 2011


these vintage bowls quite suit my fancy. 
too bad the blue one only is for sale. 
still love it.

funky wallpaper to spice up that special corner in your home.
{from kirathghundoo wallpaper via seesaw}

this shop window is perfectly appealing to me.

these rad cookies.
{from manjar via merry mishap}

a party in a barn.
i just want to have a party in a barn.
just once in my life.
is that too much to ask?

these jolly invites.
i love the idea of inviting people to "crash" a party
later in the evening.
so happy.
i shall use them for my barn party...

a little more color in my life.
i should take a hint from this happy home
to add a bit more color here and there 
throughout my home, i do believe...


  1. Those cookies are amazing! They would be so cute at a party.


  2. Those cookies are awesome!!!