Wednesday, July 27, 2011

stripey tote tutorial.

 so i was in need of a new purse...bored of the one 
i was carrying so during an adventurous naptime the 
other day i found some ikea dish towels 
i bought a while ago and thought, aha. perfect.
so here goes.

step one:
go to ikea and buy a roll of stripey blue dish towels.

1. iron two dish towels in half. fold down to second stripe, 
iron down.

2. open each towel and cut off the top two blue stripes
to make a strap.

3. make straps. fold outer edges in 1/4 in. and iron down.
fold piece in half, iron and seam stitch together/down. 

4. cut 2 lining pieces the same size as each cut 
towel. now stitch together the pieces with the lining piece
wrong side facing you. stitch to the top of the raw edge 
you had cut off. and then flip open, fold over and iron flat.

5. stitch down the sides and bottom.
6. stitch together the two pieces, stripes facing each other, lining facing out.
7. turn purse right side out and sew on straps to the inner lining. 
Voila! you have a happy purse! 

and ps. i added an inner zipper but it was totally against any sewing
rules so i left this part out of the tutorial. i just love having a secure place 
for keys/cell phone so i don't have to go scrambling around. 
thats not to say i still don't constantly lose my phone....
found it today inside of one of ruby's purses around 
7pm. nice.
hope you enjoy!