Thursday, July 28, 2011


so, i am a little obsessed with the blog 
scout's honor co. as of late.
i seem to love everything they post.
my favorite are the never-ending vintage pennants
they seem to find.
and so it was that i was inspired to make my own.

 *(if you wanted to skip the sewing and just go for the 
hot glue gun, it would still look super cute, i do believe)

 don't you think mini-pennants would be the cutest 
party favors? 
i just might have to plan a party around that idea...
i also think it would be fun to make
city pennants like this one.
aw, the possibilities are endless...


  1. ahhh, such cuteness! love love these! will have to make some soon!

  2. Cute! How did you get the cursive so nice for the Lucy one?

  3. i chose fonts that i liked, printed their names, traced them on the felt and then cut them out. my cursive is horrible, so i wouldn't have stood a chance doing it freehand...

  4. I love these little banners!! I want to make one!

  5. I love these! My kids are named Lucy and Finn too. :)