Tuesday, July 26, 2011


everything from this adorable shop
caramel baby and child.
i'll take one of everything.
and a couple of those inspiration boards, too.

 this perfect little summer succulents project.
i especially love the little flag.
just added this one to my to-do list.

these fantastic invites.
inspired by vintage nyc subway signs.
to be honest, i love everything
scout's honor co. turns out.
they're pretty rad.

where i would like to spend my next vacation.
do you see those ropes for the swing below the porch?
go check out the rest of the pictures
and you'll be asking to come along.
{from mi casa via bliss}

everything about this home.
i would gladly just move right in.
its been saved to my desktop
for quite some time and i still love it.
{via seesaw}


  1. That round mirror is GORGEOUS.

  2. I love that little planter so so much! I need to recreate that for my window sill for rill. ps- I didn't get an email! :( Did you send it to dash.it.all (at) hotmail.com?