Tuesday, May 10, 2011


this group of photos was hugely inspiring
to really create beautiful things.
{all photography by jennifer causey}

this table setup. nice right?
{from bash please}

these containers would add an instant spark
of happy to any desk...kids or big kids
dont you think?

i keep telling myself i am going to defy the current
communication system and just start sending people
notes, cards, little somethings here and there
like i used to 
and this photo has inspired me all over again 
to make it happen.

this rockin' little outfit.
those yellow boots?
that headband?
too much cuteness going on.
{from kenziepoo via armelle}

this lovely space.
i love the bike parked right in the room.
i think i could move right in.
{via seesaw}

a friendly reminder from nph.
when you're feeling down,
just be awesome instead.
i need this reminder right now...
{via pinterest}

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