Monday, April 11, 2011

ten steps to the perfect macaroons.

step one:
surround yourself with really funny
cute kids as distractions and dress 
up the silliest one as your mini chefy.
Set aside 3 egg whites...
allowing them to reach room temp, 
crucial to their fluffing.
Preheat oven to 315.

step two:
giggle some more
and lose your focus.

step three:
make your desired filling; 
we chose creme patissiere
(basic pastry cream...milk, egg yolks, sugar, vanilla, and flour)

step four:
get to business and set up distractions
for the little guys...
ie. oatmeal and various kitchen items.
Start whipping those egg whites.
Once stiff peaks form, 
 slowly shower in 1/4 c. (40 g) superfine granulated sugar.
Measure out 1 c. (100 g) ground almonds
and 1 3/4 c. (180 g) confectioners sugar. 
Sift almonds and sugar together.

step five:
pick a color (in our case PINK)
and have a cute ballerina
help you add to egg whites along with 
1 t. vanilla paste for flavor.
(you can also find powdered flavors such 
as raspberry etc. for whatever you're going for)

step six:
add almond mixture to egg whites.
slowly incorporate by scooping from the
bottom up and folding over until well
incorporated, but not over mixed.
tricky i know.
you need mad skills for this part, 
and a cool vintage bandana to boot.

step seven:
pipe mixture into small circles onto 
sheet pan lined with parchment or 
silpat (best for not sticking)
about 1 1/2 in. in diameter.

and it is oh, so nice to have an attentive little audience...

step eight:
tap trays to settle the macaroons.
let them sit out and form a skin, 
about 20-30 min's
(the perfect amount of time for a little walk).
when touched you will feel a slight skin 
that has formed. this helps them to dry out.

step nine:
bake about 12 minutes
until no longer giggly when touched.
let play.

step ten:
thinly slice strawberries.
layer one to two slices on one side of macaroon
and pipe a small amount of filling onto berry, 
top with other macaroon. gaze at their beauty 
and try not to eat them all. 
do share with your little helpers.

and possibly send some off to friends in sweet little
linen drawstring goodie bags!
happy monday!


  1. christine, you make me laugh. a lot. this was awesome.

  2. and of course you wrap them up in an incredibly adorable way too-LOVE!

  3. How to write the perfect blog:
    1. Have a creative idea.
    2. Write lovely text and design a beautiful site.
    3. Have gorgeous wee children and take exquisite photos of them.
    4. Make food.
    You did it all perfectly. I can't wait to read more of your posts.

  4. These look pretty amazing! Thanks for commenting on my blog.. I love the name Finn...but you are right it is becoming super popular now. I have an Ella, which wasn't too popular 8 years ago and now Ella's are everywhere :-)

  5. you are amazing, have you ever thought about writing a book, i have never and i mean never seen such a cute post. GG

  6. Such a great post ladies! I love the shots of the kids taking a walk! Also, these treats look delicious...I might have to try them once Lent is over...