Tuesday, April 12, 2011


this amazing collection of books.
i like to imagine the entire upstairs is filled 
with only cookbooks.
so dreamy.
let's also imagine professor higgins
walking down that spiral staircase...

 this adorable little print.
so sweet.
{from anna walker via bliss}

these stylish little loafers from michael kors.
i'll take one in every color please.
and, while on the subject of mr. kors, 
can we start a "bring back project runway" petition?

i love this type of styling.
so pleasing to my type-a mind.
and we just happen to know a fast eddie...

rolls and rolls of fabric make my heart skip a beat.
oh, the possibilities that could be hidden 
in a place like this...

this sweet little girls getup.
the orange shoes really get me though.

this needs to find a place in my home i think.
for no apparent reason other than, 
yes...why indeedy.

this floral print would find a happy home 
in my house as well. 
i love its setting here graced by all those plants below.

and this whole set-up has me inspired to 
create more loveliness in my bedroom.
so simply perfect.


  1. It is a personal dream to have a home library something like that...although my dream one would have a fireplace...and a cozy armchair. How do you guys find all of this stuff?

  2. That last picture is so beautiful.

  3. Hey, that is so cool! I just saw my photo! :)

    Thanks for the link!