Thursday, June 23, 2011

a happy summer party!

i was recently the lucky recipient of a
from the lovely melanie of you are my fave.
she sent us all sorts of goodies for a
first day of summer ice cream party.
she certainly knows how to find the very best
little prizes to personalize a party.
i don't think i ever want to do my own
party shopping again...

all three of my kids declared this our best party ever.
melanie, you should sell themed parties in a box
for people to custom order.
you open it up, set everything out and
wow your family and friends.
i did have a go at making my own
ice cream cone holder using these
ever-so-simple directions.
my kids thought it was amazing.
i do love anything that is simultaneously
easy for me and impressive to my kids...
melanie also included a popsicle mold,
so we made strawberry lemonade popsicles as well...
oh, and root beet floats...
and what party is complete
without an impromptu little photo booth...

happy summer!


  1. Seriously, sometimes I wish I lived in Phoenix. And that we were best friends forever. Ok, not sometimes. All the time.

  2. so, when are you moving out here then?