Monday, April 29, 2013

pen pal boxes.

we are headed to dallas in two weeks
and lucy is going to get to see her friend eva 
while we are there.
they have shared many an adventure together since they were born from california to new york and phoenix to dallas. even a day in austin.
but they are long distance friends and i am trying to instill in them the beauty of pen pals.
i gave lucy two old cigar boxes i got from her grandpa and let her decorate them however she liked (which was a little difficult for me, i might add).
we filled them with stationary and envelopes and stamps.
inside each lid, i wrote the other girls' address, so they would always have it readily available and not get held up in the actual mailing of their letters waiting around for their moms to dig up that address that is right around here somewhere...

hopefully a letter writing friendship will emerge...

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