Wednesday, October 5, 2011


donuts and bikes.
i don't believe there is a better combination out there.

fall flowers.
although flowers are usually attributed to spring,
there is something about the yellows and oranges
in this whimsical arrangement that makes me
want to plan a fall party...

this display.
i love, love, love it.
the hanging lights, the cakes on tree stands.
i want to go to there.

these dreamy printed towels.
they would give your kitchen 
an instant happy feeling.
i'll take one of each, please.

this cozy photo.
coffee and toast and warm socks.
feels like fall, makes me happy.


  1. The donut + bike combo is pretty stellar.

  2. That display! Those socks! What loveliness!

  3. Darn I was hoping for a christmas update! We people with no originality need inspiration!