Tuesday, September 6, 2011


this perfect little breakfast scene.
i love the white brick wall with the one little shelf sticking out of it, those two stools, the flowers in the old jar, the coffee and pastry waiting to be enjoyed. 
yes, please, i would like to hop right in that photo.

this picnic i wish i had been invited on.
everything in this basket looks delicious
and pretty at the same time.
hmmm, we should plan a picnic...

another great map.
i especially love the colors on this one.
would it be weird if i filled all the walls in my house
with different maps?

this very festive little party favor.
any party would be instantly better with a few of these little happies thrown in the mix, wouldn't you agree?
{from ferse verse via seesaw}

these amazing "dipped" spoons
from an art installation in paris.
i have a feeling something around here is going to get dipped before too long...


  1. Love the map and the party favor! Also, i'm a big fan of the picnic!

  2. If you come to a Mardi Gras in New Orleans, they throw those fans off the floats! Cute ideas...