Thursday, August 4, 2011

bean bags.

lucy has been begging me to do 
"a sewing project" with her lately.  
begging and begging.
the idea of bean bags just kind of came
to me the other morning,
as it is an easy square she can cut and sew
all by herself
and she can finish it off with 
hand stitching, which she loves.
(also, a good project for anyone just learning to sew!)
so, i made us a little template,
got out all my fabric scraps and we set to work...

*our template was a 5 inch square, with a 1/4 inch inseam and i really like the size they ended up 

we made a simple paper funnel that made it really easy
 to fill the bags with beans by adjusting the opening,
 so nothing would get stuck...

and then lucy taught us all her bean bag games from kindergarden.
they are awfully fun for stacking, throwing, 
catching, balancing, attempting juggling,
using as doll pillows...
 and any other creative use you can think of.

they're lots of fun!
give 'em a try!

now jack is begging to build a board for bags.
i think he can take that one up with his dad...


  1. Wondermous and more lovely memories for you and your gal pal! Target had a combo tic/tac/toe and cornhole game on sale...might be one where you live?