Tuesday, July 12, 2011


receiving this cute of an invite.
and to a craft party, no less.

hiring an ice cream bike for my next party.
the absolute most fun idea i have seen 
for a party in a long, long time.
i am still smiling just thinking about it.
{from you are my fave}

this cutest little old fashion swim suit.
just picturing some chubby little legs
sticking out the bottom makes me giggle.
and the polka dots and ric-rac?
come on.
i think i need to go order one right now...
{from dagmar daley}

the cleanness and simplicity of this space.
i just love that creamy paper tacked to the wall.
actually, all the pictures of this apartment
are rather amazing.
go have a look.
{from decor 8}

each and every pic of this jeweler at work.
gorgeous, original and amazing.
so fascinating to see the hands at work.
{from the makers}


  1. i live in tempe and i want to be your friend. any chance of that?? :)

  2. I want that swimsuit for me. No joke.