Thursday, June 2, 2011

swim cap how-to

since i know you are all dying to
make your very own swim caps
i thought i might give you a little help...

first, let your 4 year old run around pretending
he is an olympic swimmer.
and be prepared for neighbors to stare
because, oh, yes, staring they will do.

second, get out all your supplies.
- swim cap
-bag of flowers from the clearance aisle
 at michaels (or whatever fake flowers you can find)
-partially deflated basketball

next, stretch your swim cap over the basketball
and glue flowers all over to cover the cap.

finally, put on that swim cap and
head to the pool knowing how
stylish you will be looking...


  1. I thought I recognized Miss Ruby on Ohdeedoh today! I didn't realize you had this other blog too. :)