Tuesday, June 28, 2011


this room.
love the gallery wall, especially that
little drawer hanging on the wall 
with treasures sitting in it.

a happy summer picnic.
what a sweet little girl's birthday this could be.
and i happen to have a sweet
little girl with a birthday on the horizon...
 {from h&m via black eiffel}

making my own summer skirt.
love the fabric.
you should make one, too.
{from say YES! to hoboken}

this super cozy bed...and the summery 
feeling it imposes.
{from here via a merry mishap}

this girl's wildly rockin hair. 
oh, what i wouldn't do for thick messy curls.

this old railway turned 
park/garden/gathering space
above the city 
just sounds like one of the most brilliant 
ideas ever.

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