Tuesday, June 21, 2011


 al fresco dining.
there is little more wonderful
than dining outdoors 
under happy lights.

 everything about his photo.
i adore bernhard lang's entire aerial photo series.

it is kind of all i think about these days...

this lovely ring.
designed by an architecture student
who makes jewelry on the side.
all her pieces are equally stunning.
go have a look.
{from mirta via miss moss}

this picture i could not stop staring at.
gives me the heebeejeebees...if that is a word.

this cast iron vintage casserole pan
is oh so amazing. 
too bad its sold....it is oh so lovely.

and lastly these too sweet little girlie shoes.
so classic and edgy all at once.

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  1. Wow. Every single one of these is amazing. ESPECIALLY THAT RING.