Tuesday, June 7, 2011


this amazing picture in all its 
(is that a word?)
there is something about 
lakes they seem to call me to them...

this beautiful room.
i have always wanted a fireplace right 
by my kitchen table.
and it seems i still do...

oh my, this cake.
i mean, come on, it has lemon curd in it.
in it.
{from stephmodo}

this adorable little invitation.
i just love all the different fonts
and that cute little strawberry.
so sweet.
{from minted}

this striped headboard mixed with
those sweet whimsical flowers.
love, love, love.

that many peonies...
only in france.
so jealous.

and this coffee table and the sweet 
little girl in old cons painting away
on it. darling.

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