Wednesday, May 25, 2011

peach marmalade.

so there are an abundance of peaches on the trees here, 
as i noted previously. i did get around to making some 
peach marmalade so thought i'd share. 
quite tasty on whole grain toasty bread with salted butter
and a gob or two of this jam.
would be a great accompaniment to a cheese platter as well.

peach marmalade  
note: original amounts called for are in parentheses; i based my amounts off of what i had on hand.

15 ounces of seeded lemons, halved crosswise,
each half cut into quarters lengthwise and sliced med. thin (1 lb.)
2 lb. 8 oz. peeled peaches (3 1/2 lb.) 
2 lb. white cane sugar (3 1/2 lb.)
4 ounces lemon juice (6 ou.)
1/2 t. pure almond extract

day 1:
slice lemons as noted above. place in pot, cover with cold water. bring to boil. boil one minute, and drain. return slices to kettle and cover with 1 in. cold water. bring to boil, then decrease to simmer for about 30 minutes, until fruit is very tender.

while cooking; remove peach skin. make cross mark on bottom of peaches with sharp knife. blanch for a minute in boiling water, and remove; let cool and easily remove skins. chop peaches roughly and add to plastic container along with sugar, juices, lemons....all ingredients. mix well and cover with plastic touching fruit as well as a lid. refrigerate overnight.

day 2:
place mixture in non-reactive kettle or whatever pot you have and stir well to incorporate sugar.

bring mix to boil over high heat. cook at rapid boil until setting point is reached....about 30 min. 
mix will bubble gently for several minutes, then , it will begin to foam. do not stir at all until it starts to foam. stir gently every few minutes with heatproof spatula (or wooden spoon as i used). as it gets close to being done, stir slowly every minute or two to prevent burning.

marmalade is ready when its color darkens slightly and its bubbles become very tiny.

put in jars and cover with cute labels or material and twine. share it and be happy you did.

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