Tuesday, April 5, 2011


a personalized postcard cup. 
what a sweet, original way to send 
a far away friend a message of love.

this print just makes me giggle. 
i'd love to hang it in ruby's room, 
even though she'd be oblivious.
{from dashmandy...who ps. has some pretty sweet 
exercise videos you should check out}

these gingham high tops. awesome.
too bad i dont live in germany.
we need a hema.

the mini and maximus store. cutest t-shirts
and adorable photos. yeah baby.

 this secret little village hiding in an old suitcase.
i have several old suitcases...
i am thinking i might need to go build a city...

the perfect birthday-in-a-box by melanie.
(there is a chance i am a sucker for things in boxes...)
this would make the best gift for someone far away at college.
if you are going to college next year, send me
your address and birthday.
there is a good chance you will find one of these
in your mailbox.

cute little rain clouds.
maybe its because i live in the desert, 
but i would love a little daily reminder of rain.
{from mae via see hear say}

this just moved to the top of my list
of things to make/do this summer.
first day of summer break you can 
expect to find me by the pool with all my kids
devouring these lovely popsicles.
who wants to join us?


  1. i feel so honored to be included in such awesomness as a suitcase city and a party in a box!!! sursly great finds. i have like 50 tabs open now.

  2. i love that party in a box idea. it is maybe the only thing that makes me wish my kids would grow up & move to college, so i could sent them such a fun box for their birthdays. other than that, i want to freeze them where they are!