Tuesday, April 26, 2011


this sweet tightrope walking girl and her shy elephant.

this side braid and hat graced by those polka dots...
so perfect for a walk in the city.
hats always make me feel like i can walk with a 
bit of a strut while remaining anonymous in a crowd.

the happiness in yellow, turquoise and coral combined.
absolutely stunning, as is everything this girl does.

this amazing workspace in brooklyn.
makes me want a space of my own to create
something lovely.

this silly little print that made me giggle
(perhaps too much).
{via pinterest}

this beautiful "seaside" photo series.
makes me want to start planning 
a seaside vacation straightaway.


  1. Love that tightrope illustration!

    And that Jersey Shore picture made me laugh out loud! Love it. Seriously don't understand the appeal of that show.

  2. so glad i wasn't the only one laughing out loud at the jersey shore picture!