Tuesday, April 19, 2011


these cozy slippers would be the icing 
on the cake to an early morning 
cup of coffee and a good magazine.

this kitchen wall. 
i am almost certain i will be creating 
something identical soon in our kitchen, 
as i have just about lost my mind with rattling 
pan clinking and clanging every time
 i pull one from the pile. thats it.
{from design sponge via seesaw}

jumpers for little girls are so sweet 
but this one in blue really caught my attention.
{from kitlili via black eiffel}

these sneak peaks into a parisian paper shop
that looks out of this world...esp. when 
considering the years of experience behind 
the work done.
{from upon a fold}

what a perfect little collection.

more amazing shelves filled to the brim with books.
and, oh my, those windows.
and those lights.
now you have to go see where this building sits...

i always wish i sent more mail.
if someone gave me this cute little kit,
i surely would.
i think each of my kids needs one of these for our upcoming two week road trip...

and, i guess it wouldn't be nice
 to entirely leave easter out.
so, instead of spending your time trying to tie dye eggs,
definitely make yourself up
some good ol' cascarones.
there is little that beats smashing one of these 
over the head of someone you love.


  1. this is a perfect listo of awesome-o. esp. the cascaroones, that wall with the paper birds, that room with the books, and oh, everything else.

  2. I realized that I had to stop before I pinned every image from this post.

  3. Loving your blog! I'm glad I came across it. This post is the perfect collection of inspiring pictures.
    And thanks for the link love!