Tuesday, March 22, 2011


this amazing open space.
that kitchen.
those doors.
all of it really.

i can't seem to get enough of closet visit lately.
i love the idea.  the styling.  the subjects.
this picture in particular is so lovely.
don't you want to be sitting at that bench,
drinking your coffee, enjoying those surroundings?

everything about this picture.
its simple and wonderful all at the same time.

this fabulous starburst antique block.
and the super cute little starburst cards 
it was used to create.
ok, and the colors they come in are pretty fantastic, too.
i especially love the one that reads "mighty good."

this french handwritten menu. 
everything written in french always seems 
to be just a bit fancier and a bit more appealing.

i just want to believe that this really happened
 and was not staged, as that makes it all 
the more awesome.
{from conundrum}

all the images from these juju books, 
most especially this whimsical outdoor party.
too bad the books are not in english, 
i would buy it just for the eye candy. totally worth it.
{from fine little day. see the books here

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