Tuesday, March 8, 2011


this photo.
take me away to france please
and buy me a red balloon.

this darling poster. love that quote.

this perfect little pink cake.
and the equally perfect picture of it.

everything about this room.
the white floors.
the huge windows.
the wide-openness of it all.
when can i move in?

i love peeking in on people's creative workspace.
this one is particularly beautiful.
{from convoy via paper weight}

one of everything in this adorable kids' shop, please.
and what grand little pictures they have to show it all off.
{from zef}

and while i am shopping,
i will take three of these please.
and one of everything else in this etsy shop, too.
cutest lunch bag.  ever.
{from down home amy via etsy}

i would like to personally thank the geniuses behind this blog.
an entire blog dedicated to helping boys love to read.
thank you, jon scieszka.
{from guys read via my sister}

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