Thursday, February 24, 2011

i used to let you wear all of my clothes...

i think my closet is in desperate need of a little sprucing up.
not much color, not much pattern.
and, not too mention, i am totally sick of all of it.
i grew up with a sister on either side of me,
then went on to college to always have awesome roommates,
thus i always had people to share clothes with.
i really miss that every time i become completely sick of my own clothes...
which is a lot.


  1. Come on over and borrow. We are lucky to live in a denim world it makes things easier. Don't forget Willows has amazing clothes. Not terribly typical. I heard that line from somewhere. GG@home

  2. i thought you'd never ask! i'll be right over...

  3. i'll send you my whole boring closet if you send me your whole better one...